Thursday, 10 May 2012

Designer Mascara Vs Highstreet Mascara

Hey y'all,

The mascaras i'll be comparing today is the Diorshow Newlook Mascara and the Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara and to be honest I love them both :)

Well, the Scandaleyes mascara is great for volumising your lashes but sadly it does give you clumps quite often which can kinda ruin the look :S though to sort out the clumps I normally use the comby bit of a eyebrow brush. Sounds work but it does actually work. :D I personally have like really little lashes so I normally slap on LOADS of mascara and you can get a really full look with this mascara but sadly it doesn't really lengthen your lashes which is a must-have for me.

Now the Dior mascara is the exact opposite of the Scandaleyes mascara because it REALLY lengthens my lashens in like one coat but it doesn't really volumise at all :S I never really get clumps with the Dior mascara which is a really big positive because your lashes look more natural :D

Because they both do different things I actually normally like to wear both together to get my ideal lashes but I dont think I'll be re-buying the Dior mascara because its bloody expensive ( I got it as a freebie :D ) But yeah you do get what you pay for because the Dior mascara is of a really high quality but the high street ones ain't that bad!!

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