Sunday, 27 May 2012

My Favourite Trends

Hey y'all,

Before I get to the actual blog I wanted to give a quick apology for not having posted in so long! but I'm back now and ill try to post regularly!

So yeah, there are three trends / items of clothing that I am loving right now, here they are!

1. BRALETS! I absolutely love these and think they look great with high-waisted skirts and shorts, I only wear them with high waisted stuff because I'm afraid to show all of my stomach but if your brave enough go for it!!!

A bralet that I think is gorgeous and plan to buy one day is this Topshop bralet, It's just a plain washed out bralet but it goes with so many things!

Denim Zip Bralet 

I also would wear it with this beautiful maxi skirt from New Look, because of its peach coral colour it looks great with washed out denim! :)

Pink (Pink) Tall Exclusive Coral Maxi Skirt | 245868370 | New Look

2. OMBRE SHORTS, this probably my favourite trend because, you get two colours in one pair of shorts!! :p well yeah these are my two favourite ombre shorts :)

This is from H&M and I love that it goes from a kind of neutral brown to a vibrant pink!

The next one is from Miss Selfridge and I think it would look great with a dark coloured top to contrast with the lightness of the blue on top :D

3. The final trend is DIPPED HEM DRESSES I think this is a really subtle and sexy way to show a bit of legs this summer :p

I love this dress from New Look because of the tropical print which is really in this summer!

White Pattern (White) Tropical Print Dipped Hem Dress | 253116719 | New Look

I think this would look great with these heels from Topshop because even though clashing prints in, I think its nice sometimes to just keep it plain with the shoes with such a vibrant dress!

Well yeah thats it, I hope maybe that help you with your summer wardrobe! :D

Thanks for reading my post
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  1. I love the coral coloured skirt!

  2. I really like bralets. I feel like they make your waist look a little bit smaller. I've been looking for some cute ones. Any suggestions on where I could find one?

    1. I really like the ones from Topshop and Newlook, ill try and do a post just on how I style bralets :)

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  4. I personally wouldn't be brave enough to wear a bralet (my mind keeps reading that as "bracelet"), I don't have the body for it! They look cute though. And I love those shorts, very cool!

    1. I get wear your coming from:D I can only wear them with things that cover my belly button :) x

  5. This blog is so cute, I'm loving maxi skirts too xoxo

  6. great blog! I love the ombre shorts trend too! i'm thinking of buying a plain white one and doing abit of DIY lol

    1. Thank you! And me and my friend are actually gonna dip dye some of our shorts too! :D xx

  7. Bralets and maxi skirts always go well with each other and i am a big fan of dyed shorts. Super cute selections.

    of course we can follow each other. i follow you hun :)

    1. Thank you! I'm following you too now :) x

  8. I love bralettes too! Following you now :)



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