Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hey y'all

Well this is my first ever blog post in my life :S
But yeah, I've created this blog just so I can like inspire people and you know just have a laugh!
The blog will just be about random fashion stuff like:
'How I Style Bodycon Skirts' or
'My Favorite Beauty Products'!

Oh and I wanna give a special thanks to my mate Annie who inspired me to start a blog! If you wanna check out her blog its: Annie's Corners

Oh and incase you guys were curious my name's Oreoluwa, but you can call me Ore :D

So yeah thats pretty much it for my intro but yeah I'll be posting some more blogs soon so check them out! :p

Thanks for reading my post
It will be muchly appreciated if you follow my blog :)
Have a nice day!


  1. hi!!!! you seem really nice! i can't wait for your style blogs! :)

    1. Thanks!! I'm glad you like my blog! And I should be putting a style up this Saturday probably something to do with skirts :)