Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Top 5 Beauty Favourites

Hey y'all

I'm just gonna go through my top 5 beauty products that I like to use on a normal day, Enjoy :D

My 5th favourite beauty product is my ...... Avon Professional Kohl Eyeliner :) Its basically a double ended stick with one end as a regular eyeliner pencil and the other is a kohl eyeliner. I actually only use the normal eyeliner end but I love it because it just gives such a rich colour :D

My 4th is my Ruby Eyeshadow Palette, its got this BEAUTIFUL hot pink colour in there which I actually use as my blush :P But yeah when you apply it with a good blusher blush it will give you some gorgeous cheeks :D 

My 3rd favourite is my Aknicare cream, I have actually already written a blog which talk about this product! You can read about it HERE :) and if you want some more skincare tips check out my friend Annie's post: Clicky Here :)

A close second is my MAC lippy in the colour 'Taupe' I just love the colour and the way it feels on my lips :D It is a matte lipstick but it definitely doesnt dry out my lips :) It is a kind of browny redy colour and is a really good nude for my skintone  :)  

And my top beauty product is....... Sudocrem :D now some people may be thinking: 'Huh? Isn't that a kind of baby cream', well it is but thats not all it can do :) I use it at night on my face whenever i feel a spot coming and then over night this just sorts them out, it works wonders  :D 

I hope that was helpful! :D

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  1. i might try that akincare... how much is it? LOVED this btw,

    1. Thank you! And sorry I really cant remember! x

  2. I love sudocrem! Its amazing:)